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Roy Geerdink - ABN Amro

We have hired EPG to help us build a calculation model for an insight proposition for retail customers in the field of Retirement. A project with short timelines and many interests for the bank. In doing so, it is essential to have a partner with substantive market knowledge, expertise in the field of retirement and that provides good results at once. EPG has exceeded our expectations. In addition to the delivery of a flawless model, EPG has also considered the concept and proactively sought collaboration with other suppliers to solve problems quickly. EPG's approach has disturbed us and has resulted in a greatly improved proposition for the bank.

Esther Oostrom - AEGON

With EPG, you get a reliable and very knowledgeable partner. It's fun and efficient working with Edwin and Gert. They always give their full committed and often they delivered a project earlier than expected (where do you see that today). When developing Speeljetoekomst.nu, they have played a crucial role in finding smart solutions to give customers a good insight into their retirement. They like to come along with challenges that help you to come up with an effective solution that can be implemented quickly and especially at reasonable costs. They are also always willing to brainstorm with you about new innovative and digital services for customers.

Bram Overbeek - Allianz

The current intensive and enjoyable collaboration with EPG is based on the principle of partnership. EPG delivers a consistent level of high-quality services in which flexibility & speed, substantive knowledge, creativity and quality are typical. Especially in the field of innovative business development EPG is a good partner. EPG creates added value for Allianz in the field of new propositions and online solutions in insurance.

Sonja Stalfoort - Yarden

Quality, expertise and short communication lines are typical for the cooperation with EPG. EPG is proactive with proposals and ideas, which benefits the quality and speed. Working with EPG was absolutely top.

EPG Information Services BV - Voorburg


Releases & Updates

Total number of productreleases and updates since the start of EPG Information Services (2008),


(Pension)calculations & quotes

We made almost a million calculations for customers of ABN Amro, AEGON, Allianz, Yarden, DELA and Consumentenbond.


Digital insurance policies

With our online solutions for the insurance industry we generated a lot of (life)insurance applications.

About EPG

EPG’s story dates back to 2008. This was when the econometrist (Edwin), the actuary (Pier), the lawyer (Gert) and the internet strategist (René) got together to create easy to use software (web applications) tailored to customers’ real-world needs. In 2010 we opened our office in Voorburg.
Today, we blend our common passion and excitement with hard-won experience to serve customers that stay with us for years. Among them are AEGON, Allianz, ABN Amro, Consumentenbond, DELA and more.

Continuity & Quality

We have no external shareholders and are owned and managed by our founders. They are all qualified in their respective fields and have many years of pension, financial, insurance or IT consulting experience. Each founder holds the appropriate certificates concerning the Dutch Financial Supervisions Act (wft) and is engaged in client facing activities. Our independence and hands-on approach enables us to adopt a pro-active ethos where we put our clients needs first.

Development team

Over the years our development team has been specializing in web and mobile technologies. From our office in Groningen we do front- as well as back-end development, including UI/UX design. Our team is not limited by any business domain and has done custom software development projects for banks, insurance companies, financial institutions, health industry, digital marketing agencies and retail stores as well as for other software development companies.

Who We Are? Meet Our Team!

Edwin Paardekooper

Partner - Chief Operations Officer

Rene van Doren

Partner - Chief Marketing Officer

Gert Bos

Partner - Chief Commercial Officer

Simon Fruchnich

Chief Technology Officer

Erik Bakker


Rolf Berting


Karel Bosman

Creative concepting


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EPG Information Services BV Groningen

How we work

We like to give you insight in the way we work!



You are charged at an hourly rate for all of the hours of work performed. Bills are issued at the end of every month. Any additional expenses are negotiated beforehand. The model is a perfect fit when you need flexible control over changes. It allows to save time and money on elaboration of bulky specification. You have full control over deliverables and get timely project reports.


Fixed price

Is your budget fixed? With the fixed price model EPG provides customers with a Project Quote that includes detailed specification of the project, deliverables, milestones, predefined timeframe. This method is perfect for small and medium scope projects where requirements and schedules can be clearly defined before the start of the development phase.


Dedicated teams and licenses

This is a remote extension of your in-house team, suitable for long-term cooperation and/or maintenance of your application (under license). We carefully select developers or other candidates to form a team up to your requirements. Fully dedicated developers work exceptionally on your project under predefined management (on your side or on ours).

This is how we spent our time in 2017

1680 hours

Research & Product specification

900 hours

Sales & Account management

6400 hours

Product development

1900 hours

Updates & security

1280 hours

Project management

980 hours

Concepting & Study

Our Projects

Right here we proudly show our latest projects

Allianz Direct Ingaand Keuze Pensioen

For Allianz we developed a new pension product called Allianz Direct Ingaand Keuze Pensioen. Beside the actual visible tooling, we have built an advanced calculation system as well.

ABN Amro Pensioencheck (pension check)

In November we updated the custom build pension calculation system for ABN Amro. Now information from mijnpensioenoverzicht.nl can be used for the calculations.

Allianz Yarden Weet Wat Je Achterlaat

This is a unique collaboration between Yarden (funeral insurance) and Allianz (life insurance). After giving the customer insight in their personal situation, the customer can easily get a combined insurance solution.

Reaal allerliefstencheck

For Reaal we developed an easy to use solution that gives customers a global insight in their financial situation when a (part of) the monthly wage will be lost.

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